Wednesday, June 13, 2018

                                                      MASON HAMLIN STYLE S

We just received the donation of a Mason Hamlin Reed Organ style S.   It was built in 1885 or 86 and is a quality machine.   It used a lot of mahogany and the rollers are metal rather than the standard wood.

The top cover is hinged with props and is opened for more volume.   At some point, we think the cover was opened and allowed to fall over the back of the organ.   It can only move 180 degrees before it catches on the rear side and apparently it split the rear cover.    We glued it back together and will put a chain stop on the lid, so that it does not happen again.

One of the front medallions is missing and the other was broken.   We glued the pieces back together, then glued the medallion back in place.

The organ plays weakly and probably has leaks in the pumps or reservoir which we will likely not try to correct.  The finish is in good shape and is original.   All in all, this will make a nice addition to our collection of reed organs.

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