Wednesday, June 6, 2018

                                                                       VICTOR VV  I-90

We just received the donation of a Victrola.   As is often true, it needed some work but we are delighted to have one that was missing from the collection.

The mechanical repairs turned out to be easy.   The real challenge was the case.

Made in 1927, this model is the least expensive of the Orthophonic series introduced in 1927, designed to play the new electrically recorded 78 RPM discs.   It sold for $75 when new.   There are not many survivors in good condition, because the veneer used was not well glued and often fails when exposed to moisture.    This one was no exception and had a lot of loose veneer.

The first step in repair is to remove the base.

Then the loose veneer must be reglued.

Of course some cleaning and wax needs to be applied.   A new cloth for the speaker outlet is a must.   When done, we have a fine addition to the collection.

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