Wednesday, November 22, 2017

                                                                       AN AEOLIAN STACK

We are repairing an Aeolian player piano stack, which had some unidentified leaks.   The stack has three sections.   The first step  is to separate the sections as each must be repaired individually.

We are going to investigate the upper section first.   The section comes apart by removing the upper cover, which contains the pouches that activate the valves.

The top cover holding the pouches rests on a spacer, which must be sealed to the body.   To check that seal, we must remove this piece.

Now it is a matter of cleaning the joints to get a good seal on reassembly.   Check all the valves for proper clearance.

After reassembly and before you seal the back, check the valve top to pouch clearance, to be sure the valves have full travel.

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