Wednesday, December 27, 2017

                                                 REPAIR OF A ROLLER ORGAN - PART 5

We were sent an Autophone Concert Roller Organ for evaluation and repair.

All of the parts are coming together now and the base is on the case, the organettes action is dry fit and we are ready for fine tuning.

As expected, there were adjustments to get the valves to close tight and the return to start needs more work.   With any job of major repairs such as this, there are always questions about how far to go in replacing original parts.   We only replace where absolutely necessary for functionality.   In this case, the sides of the case were retained , even though their condition limits the finish we can achieve and the organettes shellacked wood was retained in spite of some unrepairable blemishes.

All the moving parts are lubricated and after some fine tuning, we will be ready to try making the covers.

This unit is looking pretty good now, but of course it will never be "like new".

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