Wednesday, March 7, 2018

                                                               WHICH ROLL IS THIS

A lot of the music rolls in the DeBence collection have seen serious use.   The first damage that happens to a roll is often in the leader, done while threading the roll onto the machine.   It is easy enough to cut some off for a fresh start and eventually splice a new leader in place.

Often when this is done, the information as to roll number and tune list is cut off and not recopied.  At some point when you want a clear identification, it becomes necessary to completely unroll the roll and get the number off the inner end.   

To do this, you put it on the roll repair frame and hand crank it to the inner end.   You will probably patch a few tears during this process.   When you get to the inner end, you are apt to find the roll number on the inside of the roll.   Then you need a rollography to tell you the song list.

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