Wednesday, April 11, 2018

                                                             BUILDING EXCITEMENT

The building was erected in 1906 and there have been many changes and additions since then.  Never a day goes by without some echoes from our past.   On April 3, we had a new issue.   The sink on the second floor blew a water line and flooded the area.

From there, the water ran down to the mezzanine and over the telephone Centrix system control box.

From there the water came through the light fixture on the first floor and from there we were able to catch most of the water in pans.

The leak was caught quickly, but it was large, so we got a lot of water in a short time.   Of course, besides drying out the wet areas, we lost our phone service from water in the Centrix  box.   After uncovering the pc board and drying it out, the phone came back in about 1 hour.

Never a dull day at DeBence!

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