Wednesday, August 16, 2017

                                                REPAIR OF THE LINK AX PART 3

You may remember that since the Link arrived from Jake's barn in 1994, it has been used on the first floor as part of our guided tours.   Very little work had been done on it; but it became increasingly apparent that it could use a little maintenance.   On June of 2017, we moved it into the shop and started to work on it.

The pump drive on the links was by a flat belt.   The motor pulley is 2 inches in diameter.   Jake had substituted a v belt turned inside out for the flat belt, which had been working since we got the instrument.

The belt was showing age and full of cracks.   We also suspected it of slipping on the drive pulley.   I know it is not original, but I decided to change to a v flat drive.   That meant a 2.25 OD v pulley to get the pitch diameter of 2 inches.   The moor has a .375 shaft and 2 1/4 pulleys all have 1/2 inch bores, so we had to get a reducing sleeve for the new pulley.

At some point, we realized that the motor leads were bad.    If you wiggled the leads the motor would stop.    A trip to our local motor repair shop, where as DeBence supporters they do small jobs for us a no charge, resulted in a motor cleaning and new leads.

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